Better Together

We work with outstanding partners to help create an ethical and sustainable world. If you share a similar mission, let’s join together to make the world a better place.

Our Partners

Climate Wise is dedicated to offsetting carbon emissions to mitigate the impacts of global warming and climate change. Climate Wise supports meaningful initiatives to mitigate the changes to our planet caused by human activities and their increasingly devastating effects, alongside supporting sustainable development.
Quota.Media works to solve hunger and malnutrition – still the biggest cause of death, even in countries with plenty. By always asking the food business, research and policy communities to consider one another, by presenting their news in an integrated format, and combining their insights and aspirations through their events, Quota.Media strengthens the relationships across food systems for the benefit of food security. Quota is for those working in food and studying it, as well as the food curious, including passionate amateurs.
Sometimes, climate change IS a laughing matter. Every week, The Sweaty Penguin cuts through the noise and the doom-and-gloom of the climate conversation with late-night-comedy-style monologues and in-depth conversations with leading global experts on a variety of environmental issues. Through a nonpartisan approach, The Sweaty Penguin makes environmental issues less overwhelming and politicized and more accessible and fun.
Underpinned by rich markets data, Capital Monitor’s team of award-winning financial editors and journalists are dedicated to examining the impact sustainable investment and finance has on our environment, and our societies.
GreenMoney is one of the world’s leading sustainable business and impact investing media brands with its monthly eJournal and website focused on publishing innovative solutions and responsible leadership.
Launched in March 2013, @SriEvent has been the first and is so far the sole Twitter handle in the world exclusively devoted to telling the stories of events on sustainable finance.