How We Do It



Shareholder advocacy is the most effective way to influence corporate polices because stock owners can submit resolutions for a vote at the corporate annual meeting.  But to submit these resolutions you need to own at least $2000 to $25,000 worth of the company’s stock for at least 1 year. And there are often additional fees required.

Advance ESG submits shareholder resolutions on behalf of our membership focused on creating positive changes in corporate Environmental, Social and Business Governance (ESG) policies. Our members help guide these efforts by identifying targets and policies that we should address. Advance ESG members learn about these and other critical issues on our website, blog and our email newsletter.

Individual shareholders and other investors who want to see changes in corporate priorities assign Advance ESG as their advocacy proxy. This enables Advance ESG to submit shareholder resolutions on behalf of our entire membership whether they own shares or not.

Advance ESG pays all the costs and required fees on behalf of our membership. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and our funding comes from grants and other sources. This provides a no-cost method for our members to be powerful advocates for positive corporate change. 

Advance ESG is a non-profit membership organization and not an investment fund. Which means anyone can join for free, whether they already own shares in any company or not. Our priority is an educated and informed membership that will encourage changes in ESG business priorities through shareholder advocacy. 

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