Be It Resolved:

Advance ESG engages with corporate management via shareholder resolutions designed to encourage positive changes in business environmental, social and governance policies. 

Our shareholder resolutions Focus Upon:


Climate Change, Conservation of Natural Resources, Energy Usage, Pollution, Regulation Compliance, Sustainability, Renewables, Pollution Mitigation, Waste Management, Biodiversity and Recycling.


Human Rights, Diversity in Supply Chains, Work Conditions (including child labor and slavery), Employee Health, Safety and Benefits, Interaction with Local Communities (including indigenous communities), Human Capital Development, Product Safety, Doing Business with Despots, and Engagement with Third Party Activists.

Business Governance

Equal Opportunity, Diversity, Structure and Independence of Directors, Executive Renumeration, Donations and Political Lobbying, Tax Strategy, Shareholder Rights, Anti-corruption, Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Conflicts of Interest, Accident and Safety Management, Supply Chain Management and Transparent ESG Reporting.